Friday, July 18, 2014

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer

*This is NOT a sponsored post

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer, the "Holy Grail" of concealers and with a hefty price tag of almost $40 I had high expectations. I should put a disclaimer first that I have mild under eye circles. I've tried MAC and L'Oreal concealers in the past and was very disappointed.

This concealer works differently from most, in that you apply the lighter color first to brighten under eye areas. The second step works by applying a salmon color to reduce bluish/purplish under eye circles. The salmon color is worth it's weight in gold. It looks much more natural than the stark white of most concealers on the market.

No parabens, water free, fragrance free
High quality packaging with mirror compact
Works in TWO steps unlike most concealers
Natural looking when applied
Astaxanthin treatment included

Expensive (I waited for a sale and got it for $12)
Long shipping time
Worked best out of concealers I've tried, but still not amazing

Overall, I'm open to trying other concealers. This didn't feel like "the one" for me and I'm not exactly sure why. It was good, but not great. I may just try the medium salmon concealer in the future. The astaxanthin treatment made a big difference in reducing dark circles and improving the under eye area. I saw a noticeable difference after about two uses.

What concealers have you tried? What has worked the best for you? 


I just wanted to share a few photos of Christopher from his first season of t-ball this spring.
I really wish I didn't wait till the last game to take photos. My angles were limited. It's hard to get the motivation to take personal photos, when I do it professionally.
T-ball is certainly a test of patience for kids and adults. It takes so long for each child on the team to hit and it's hard to keep the kid's attention on the field while waiting. Christopher did a lot of playing in the sand. It was his first year, so I tried to remember that.
He'll be in coach pitch and Andrew will be in t-ball next year.

Monday, June 23, 2014

5 Favorite Mary Kay Products

1. Cleansing Brush this is the #1 product from Mary Kay. I've blogged it's praises before, and six months later it's still going strong. It's just a great value at $50 with batteries and two cleansing heads. It's waterproof and has two speeds. Better value than the Clarisonic.

2. Au Natural Lipgloss I hosted a MK party and the beauty consultant was wearing this shade. I loved it and purchased. The photo color isn't accurate. It's a neutral biege, perfect for summer. It applies like a MAC lipgloss.

3. Oil Free Make Up Remover I got this product for free for hosting a party. It has a waterlike consistency, doesn't feel oily or sticky, odorless and doesn't burn. It worked as well as the Estée Lauder fomula I've used in the past.

4. Satin Hands Kit this is a product I have not purchased. I tried a sample at my party and was so impressed. I have very dry hands and this made them look and feel great. I'll be purchasing this in the fall/winter.

5. Travel Roll Up Bag this is another product I don't own, but I've seen two consultants with it. The quality impressed me. The bags are removable/washable and it comes with a metal hook for hanging when traveling. It rolls compact.

*My sister and fellow blogger Perpetua came to my MK party and loved their products so much that she became a consultant! All the links above connect through her to purchase. I was NOT sponsored for this post. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What I've Been Meaning to Blog...

I wanted to blog about my health and some of the things I have been going through the last six months. I don't know exactly when it started, but after I had Evie I had hair loss. Everyone told me that was totally normal for postpartum and it is. The difference was the hair loss never stopped. I kept losing hair six, nine, twelve, twenty-four months later. I could literally pull out clumps of hair.

I was pretty forgetful too. I began forgetting dentist appointments, sessions and to-do lists. I didn't think much of that, I mean I am a mom of three kids under five years old. 

My hands were dry too. Of course I figured I wasn't drinking enough water (do we ever?) and it was winter. 

Last I was having occasional night sweats. Again I thought it wasn't unusual. I was always cold and would pile on blankets at night. It was probably all the layers. 

I went to my regular doctor visit in January and mentioned my hair loss. That was my biggest problem. I thought it was genetic. My doctor figured routine blood work would be good. It had been three years since I had blood work done. 

What were the results? Not what I expected. I had Underactive Thyroid caused from Hashimoto Thyrioditis. What does that mean? My immune system was attacking my thyroid and my thyroid was being suppressed by it. My body was trying to over stimulate my thyroid to work, so that's why my symthoms were so gradual that I brushed them off. It was most likely triggered by my pregnancy with Evie. Immune system disruptions like pregnancy and postpartum can reek havoc on your body. My blood levels were a mess. However, I wasn't feeling bad other than the annoying hair loss. How could I be so sick, when I felt so well?

I've been having blood work every six weeks, doctor/specialist visits and trying to get on the right dose of medication. 

At first the diagnosis was devastating to me. While it's fully/easily treatable, I've always been anti-medication. I don't take over the counter medications or have medicated births. I think medication causes many of the health problems in our country. Yet here I was faced with daily medication as my only effective option. I researched natural methods, but they were hardly effective. I still use many natural remedies like natural supplements, salt baths, thyroid massage, eat healthy, avoid foods that block thyroid function and changed many of the products in our home to natural

I will say for anyone out there scared with this diagnosis, I feel exactly the same on medication. I don't have any side effects and my symthoms have subsided. 

Why am I blogging about all of this? I'm hoping to raise awareness and encourage people to get routine blood work! You might feel fine, but getting bloodwork every two-three years is essential. Also I'd like to put it out there and hear from people who also have this. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Eastern Caribbean Cruise [St. Maarten]

This was another island we had previously visited on our honeymoon.
It's a favorite of most cruisers probably because there is shopping right along the beach, vibrant colors and beautiful beaches.

Along the ship's pier there are islanders that are extremely pushy about selling you a beach chair and umbrella. We declined, but they try to follow you to the beach and convince you.

There's a lot of culture at this island which makes for great photos.

Loved this random teddy bear we found sitting here.
This beach was much less crowded than our stop at St. Thomas.

We went back to the ship for lunch and then returned for some shopping. You take a "water taxi" to and from the ship which gives good views for photos.

The kids each got a small present on the cruise and this was Evangeline's.

We took a photo in front of this sign at our honeymoon :)

We got a family photo! Had to laugh because the man taking the photo said it came out blurry. I use special lenses so I thought he missed focus, but when I looked at the photo it was clear. The man was all confused saying to him it looked blurry. Finally, I realized the problem: my viewfinder is adjusted for my vision, so when he would look through it to take the photo it looked blurry. 
We spent the final two days of the cruise at sea and headed home for the long drive back to NJ on Sunday morning. It was an incredible trip and I'm hoping to put together all the GoPro clips I got to create a video soon!  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eastern Caribbean Cruise [St. Thomas]

St. Thomas is one of my favorite islands we have visited over the years. It's a U.S. Virgin Island with crystal clear water and trees along the beach. This was supposed to be our second stop, but due to bad weather (high waves) our ship didn't stop at the first port in the Bahamas. 
To reduce costs on the cruise, we decided not to do any excursions and just take a taxi to our favorite beach, Magen's Bay. It was rated the third most beautiful beach in the world. It's surrounded by mountains, the beach is lined with trees, and the water is warm and clear. Unfortunately, it was very crowded the day we visited. 
The taxi bus ride there is about 20 minutes and $8 per person one way. We did know this beforehand. However, 5 minutes before we reach the beach, the taxi driver pulls over and starts asking us to pay both ways and pressing us for what time we plan to leave the beach so he can drive us back. It really doesn't matter when everyone leaves because there are dozens of taxis, but he wanted to ensure we would ride his bus so he could make the fare. It was a very annoying 15 minutes of wasted time, with passengers new to the island arguing about when to leave. Needless to say, we took a different taxi back.

The kids LOVED this beach. There are tiny waves and the water is so warm. We stayed for a few hours enjoying.

The boys found a few pieces of coral and some nice shells.
 Evie's bathing suit is from Janie and Jack (we had so many people ask).

After the beach, we headed back to the ship to shower and change so that we could do some shopping in the town.
This was the ship's pier (below) at St. Thomas. The boy's polo shirts are from Walmart :)

If you haven't been to any Caribbean islands before, the shopping is primarily: diamonds, jewelry and designer watches. We weren't in the market for any of those items, so we just looked.
Had to get a photo of us in our blue rompers. Seriously great for trips because they pack easily.
At one of the stores, Evie accidentally broke the tiniest plastic turtle. We go to pay for it and they tell us it's $8.99?! I didn't question it because I was upset, but afterward I wondered if we got ripped off.
The ship leaves most islands around 4-4:30pm. We headed back for dinner and entertainment on the ship :)
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